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Hey DIYers I live in a old apartment building roughly 50 years old give or take im trying to install my new door knob on my door everything went smooth, except my door wont shut -__- problem lies in this, my door has metal, not wood framing. and i cant change where my door latch is, so its the old door latch not the one that came with the knob. the door knob fits in the old slot perfectly but the door lock doesnt fit in the door latch since its slightly bigger and unfortunately no door knobs come with the same size lock anymore. video; YouTube - Door wont close whats happening is my door lock isnt going in the hatch its just sitting on it Uploaded with i need to somehow get the lock to go inside a) the only thing i can think of is cutting the metal to the green lines so itll fit, but no hardware stores around here said they have the machines to do it b) making the whole for the door knob lower. BUT then thatll leave a gap in the wood that was already pre-cut to fit the door knob and i wouldnt know how to patch that =\ ... any help ???
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: NORA CUMMINGS (Goodyear, AZ), 01/03/2019

This is a common problem with top down bottom up shades. Many companies have combated this issue by attaching a couple of inches of cell shade material to the top rail so when you close it the material fills in the gap. But 1/2 inch is a lot, when you draw the top up, pull it tight and reach as high as you can up the cord and pull it to the side to engage the lock, see if that works. other then that somehow install a filler piece up there. Maybe a pieace of roller shade several inches long taped to the back of the top rail? .....good luck.

- CHRISTINA HOWARD (Union City, CA), 02/20/2019

Apartment building... new doorknob... probably a new key... yes, this is something the apartment maintenance should be doing. Landlords really hate being locked out of their own apartments. Your maintenance man will probably want to remove the strike plate and do just what you suggested, cutting the bottom portion of the strike plate with a jigsaw and metal blade, then filing it so that it is smooth.

- DEBRA ADAMS (Taylor, MI), 03/07/2019

I run across this problem frequently being in the door business. This is my go to tool for your situation: It's called by a few different names: carbide burr, carbide rotary rasp or even carbide rotary file. I buy mine online from specialty shop but your should be able to get something similar at a quality hardware store. Just make sure it's carbide steel or it won't last long. Just chuck it into an electric drill motor and grind away at the offending area. You can even clean up the rough edges a little by holding it at a little angle and lightly retouching the area after you have your clearance. Richard The Door Guy

- ANDREW KING (St. George, UT), 02/12/2019

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