Forum Title: Harloc inside door latch no longer retracts.
My 36 year old latch doesn't retract. Apparently the spring is broken or weak. My first question is: Who bought out Harloc Company? Can I replace just the latch? I wish to keep the rest of the door knob because it is an unusual textured bronze or copper color.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: THEODORE SIMS (Westminster, CO), 01/24/2019

Is water actually coming into the house and damaging the trim? Because if it isn't, this is probably a non-issue that you shouldn't be worried about. There should either be weep holes to let the water under the window sash drain inside the window frame and then out the outer weep holes on the bottom of the window outside (sometimes people who don't know any better caulk these holes shut), or the sill of the window is sloped to let excess water drain to the outside (sometimes mud under the screen prevents water from draining out, causing more water than normal to back up inside the sill). I'd be interested to see a picture of the window sill, where you have seen water pooling.

- WALLACE BOWEN (Omaha, NE), 02/04/2019

Door Knobs

- GLADYS SIMMONS (Covington, KY), 02/15/2019

You'd probably have better luck finding an answer if the moderators would move your posts to the correct forum.Residential & Commercial Security - Locks, Keys & Dead Bolts - Community Forums

- LISA MARTINEZ (Syracuse, NY), 03/04/2019

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