Forum Title: Help identifying broken part/manufacturer of vinyl window.
Hi, I bought my 1st house about a year ago. One of the things I liked is that it has modern, double paned, vinyl windows that slide nicely and have tabs that allow you to pop the window out on the top and pivot it in to clean. Well, one of those windows (the top portion) doesnt like to stay closed unless locked. I checked it out and in the channel I see a metal piece that should be up attached to the top window at the bottom where it pivots. Looking at other windows it appears this is what allows it to pivot. First I thought I'd see if it was still under warranty. The sticker on the side of the window has a bunch of numbers and a date of 2002, so I don't know what a typical warranty is. I found stickers on the inside top of each frame, but they don't tell me much either. In the middle it says Randys Quality Home Imp. I can not find any Randy's Quality Home Improvements or Randy's Quality ANYTHING in the Milwaukee, WI area, so I'm guessing this wasn't a big company doing the install. I cant find anything regarding the manufacturer. There are a lot of numbers and codes. The only other word is ROMANS. Any way to figure out the manufacturer with these numbers/codes? If not, how can I fix this problem? When I move the top window down it appears to slide over this part, but it doesn't latch on. I dont know if the part is broken, something on the window itself is broken, or if it's just out of alignment, or something else entirely. Any thoughts from your more experienced window gurus out there?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: YOLANDA ORTEGA (Carlsbad, CA), 01/02/2019

According to other posts in other forums, Harloc no longer exists. It sounds like you have to replace the entire assembly.

- GREG CURTIS (Memphis, TN), 02/26/2019

It may be that a screw is missing or the pivot bar is broken. This is how to replace a typical pivot bar: how to replace a tilt bar vinyl window - Google Search The pivot bars on many windows are generic and can be gotten at a local glass shop or windows dealer. You must bring a sample.

- SONIA FITZGERALD (Napa, CA), 02/17/2019

Here is the best I could do with my phone. This is the part in question. It's detached from the top window, still in the channel, but pushed all the way down at the bottom. It's difficult to move. It appears to be intact, but I don't know what I'm talking about or what to look for. Here is the view looking up into the top window as if the camera were in the channel the part is in. This is where that part should be connected to the top window. This is the big sticker in the top frame of each window. This is a sticker from the side of one of the windows.

- MABEL MORAN (Santa Barbara, CA), 02/08/2019

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