Forum Title: Installing Double Doors on a Shed
I'm planning on building a 12x14 storage shed in our backyard. I want to have a set of steel doors and am not able to find any pre-hung sets The building supplies place sells regular steel doors... 1 3/4 x 32/34/46 x 79. My question is if I buy a righty and a leftie, can they be installed as a set of double entry doors?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: KIMBERLY HARRIS (Eugene, OR), 01/10/2019

I had a door in my basement that did the same thing (would not stay open). What I did is remove all three screws on one of the hinges and drove a 3 screw through the center hole. Then replace the other two screws. This pulled the hinge towards the jamb just enough to fix my problem. Which hinge (top or bottom) you work on will depend. Try one first then the other. If this doesn't work, then you'll likely need to pull the casing off one side of the door and try adding a shim here and there until that fixes it. Is your wall level? If not, your doors are probably swinging open and closed because they are not level. You'll therefore need to reset the doors entirely (hopefully this isn't the case).

- ROSE J (Oklahoma City, OK), 02/11/2019

Quote: Originally Posted by chandler If you don't mind mortising your hinges in, yes, you can buy the doors. There's no such thing as a righty and lefty on steel doors, as the hinge mortise usually goes all the way across, so they are adaptable. You will need to apply T Astragal on one of the doors to seal from the weather and assist in closing. You will have to figure out how you will be fastening them to each other and to the building, as one will be semi fixed and the other will be movable. I figure the door I use the least, I can lock with two sliding clasps on the back of the door, one going up into the header, and another down into the floor. Then door #1 can lock in the lock cylinder of door #2. Also how big should I rough in the opening. We just poured the slab the other day, so the shed will have a concrete floor, but with an aluminum mud sill in teh doorway.

- NORMA ORTIZ (Iowa City, IA), 02/04/2019

The guy at the store showed me how to make an astragal from two strips of 1x2 pine (actually 3/4 by 1 3/4), forming them into a T with glue and finishing nails, and then nailing that to the side of one of the doors, in my case the right hand side door. For the door jamb I want to use 1 x 5 pine boards. The pre-fab door jamb kits they sell are only for inside doors and a little flimsy. The hardware store can cut hinges on the jamb to match the hinges on the doors. They have a guy there that does that sort of thing and he's always done a fantastic job. So if both doors are 30 across, if my door jamb is 3/4 thick, and I need to leave 3/4 for the astragal between them, how wide do I need to frame the rough opening? I read somewhere doors need what's called a reveal so that the door is not too tight to open and close? Some say it should be a 1/4 all around the door, others say 1/8 to 1/16. Which is the way to go, mind these are steel exterior doors 30 wide.

- LISA MARTINEZ (Syracuse, NY), 02/24/2019

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