Forum Title: Is there a way to replace a mail slot with a larger door for package delivery?
Mail slots all seem to be abot 3 wide. Is there some sort larger opening door or drop box type thing that could be installed on the front door to accept packages?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: SHARON WHITE (Jackson, TN), 01/24/2019

A bay window has three windows next to each other and angled, kind of like this: __ / \ , so not quite sure what you mean by it isn't exactly a bay window. Anyway, even if you taped up the slit, the continued rubbing of the cord will keep ripping it open again, probably to the point where it's un-tapeable. Do you have any curtains there? If not, you might want to either hang some on rings so you can open and close them and leave the blinds open. You could mount an outside roller shade, but won't look as nice.

- TRACY YANG (Kalamazoo, MI), 02/11/2019

If you want to use it for more then just the Post Office you will need two to comply with federal law. UPS, Fedex etc can't by law use a mail box for delivery. I suspect that extends to mail slots but I'm not sure.

- SUZANNE WELCH (Hartford, CT), 03/01/2019

If you feel this a must have convenience, you might search pet doors to see if you could find one that would be adaptable to your door and sized for your needs. I think it is a bad idea, however. At a front door where anyone can walkup to it, an in-door mail slot or package box is an invitation for vandalism. Kids or someone angry w/ you could pull a prank by siphoning gas through the slot in your doorway, and then lighting it on fire . . . this happened years ago at a home in the local community and reported by a local newspaper. Hadn�t really crossed my mind before, but I filed that away as something I would not do. A better and more secure arrangement would be to buy a separate locking package box that could be installed outdoors, and possibly near your door. If you do a search, there are many types of these locking package boxes for sale, and some are included w/ a mailbox and pedestal.

- ALICIA MCCOY (Pasadena, TX), 02/19/2019

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