Forum Title: Replacing 36 front entry door and would like to remove the tall side window.
DIY newb here, this is my first post! We have a 79 tall by 36 wide steel front entry door that we are considering replacing with a new fiberglass door. When you are inside the house looking at the door the knob is on the right and the hinges on the left. To the right of the door is a 63 tall by 6 framed window that is bordered by 79 tall by 14 wall. It appears to share the extended main frame of the door if that makes sense. We would like to remove this window when we replace the door as it is a privacy/security risk and someone can look right into our living room. I have already put privacy film over the glass but we still would ultimately like to get rid of it. Is this making any sense? Any recommendations? Thanks, FG12351
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: TERRENCE GARNER (Redwood City, CA), 01/29/2019

If your contractor knows what he's shouldn't be an issue. Measure twice, drill once. Make sure it is put in at the correct height. Be careful..the aluminum is pretty thin and may wrinkle if the saw grabs. You'll want to put a little paint on the cut part of the aluminum. The reason the don't recommend it is probably for warranty reasons.

- RICARDO WADE (McKinney, TX), 02/14/2019

Thanks for the input! We may consider that. We are trying to figure out what our options are.

- Lyndi (Utica, NY), 02/05/2019

I am going to assume that the replacement will include a new jamb. If that is the case, that side light will come out with the old jamb. After that happens, shrink the opening with framing, sheathe it, side it on the outside and insulate and put drywall on the inside.

- FRANCIS JACOBS (Hialeah, FL), 02/11/2019

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