Forum Title: Warped Wall and Sliding Glass Door Frame
I live in a 4 story condominium and am having issues with air leaking in through a crack between the sliding glass door and the frame. It appears that it is not the door, nor directly the frame itself which is off, but rather the wall which is warped nearing the top of the frame. Since the sliding glass door frame is flushly mounted against the wall, I am left with a small gap between the door and the frame. It is very slight, but the wall very slightly bows away from the door near the top of the frame. Sorry for the poor picture, I'll try to resnap a new picture after the sun goes down so I don't have the light in front of me. Is there any easy fix? These look old and would probably just replace them in the future, but until then, any insulation ideas?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: ANDREW KING (St. George, UT), 01/11/2019

Welcome to the forums!! It may cost more, but most manufacturers worth their salt can special order doors in almost any size. Cutting down a french door set up would really be a task, although doable. I have obtained custom windows and doors from Jeld Wen, but we have a local outlet here in our sleepy town. If the cost is prohibitive, then you can buy a french door set (2-24) which would require a RO of about 51, so you are close. Since you won't be using the threshold, you can remove the doors and cut the frame legs to the size you need. Next would be trimming the bottom of the doors off to leave a minimal space between the door and the floor, since you will be using them for air control. Scribe your line on the bottom of the door with a razor knife and cut the door with a sharp circular saw on the waste side of your scribe. That way you won't end up with splinters or boogers on the bottom of the door. Hang the doors and watch the game.

- LORRAINE DAY (Milpitas, CA), 03/07/2019

I tried, but the screw won't budge. For the time being, I've insulated with some adhesive foam strips.

- SALLY NEWMAN (Springfield, OH), 02/15/2019

It often helps to lift the door with a prybar, taking the weight off the roller, before trying to turn the roller adjustment screw.

- GLADYS SIMMONS (Cleveland, OH), 02/16/2019

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